The Sri Chinmoy Centre International strives to serve the twin goals of world harmony and inner peace. From concerts, athletic events, meditation classes and art exhibitions, the Centre has fashioned many initiatives with a single aim – the fulfilment of the limitless potential of the human spirit. From public meditation classes and musical performances to athletic events and multiday road races; from humanitarian aid projects to art exhibitions, the activities of the Sri Chinmoy Centre International reflects powerfully the philosophy of its Founder Sri Chinmoy. Sri Chinmoy Centre, Ghana, reflects a small part of this selfless work.


At the heart of everything that the Sri Chinmoy Centre, Ghana, does, is a single aim – to help oneself and others to find a pathway to a happier life, and work towards a world where inner peace is the common objective of each and every individual. Its teacher, Sri Chinmoy, has shown us over the past forty six years that each and every field of human endeavour - art, poetry, music, athletics - can all play a vital role in pursuit of this goal. And so, towards that cause, the Sri Chinmoy Centre Ghana is in the process of offering a diverse variety of spiritual, cultural, musical, athletic and other activities in towns and cities within Ghana.

The philosophy of the Sri Chinmoy Centre, Ghana, is simple yet unique - to improve the world around us we must first improve ourselves. Rather than political, economic or scientific solutions to the world's problems, the Centre works from the premise that it is within the individual that the solution to all world problems exists. Only when each person has a measure of peace, light and joy, can there be a world where outer harmony and brotherhood excels.

The cornerstone of the Sri Chinmoy Centre activities is Meditation. A unique and imperative tool to transform one’s nature from a theoretical knowledge to a living experience, bringing to the fore the peace, joy, light and love that is locked away deep inside his/her heart. The Sri Chinmoy Centre offers free lessons in meditation around all four corners of the globe, and provides a peaceful haven where its members meet to practice.

Fundamental to all the endeavours of the Sri Chinmoy Centre is an unshakable faith in one’s inner potential, accepted as being common to all. One is not merely seen as a human being, but rather as a spiritual being utilising the physical as an instrument for the manifestation of a higher Truth. The twin goals of inner peace and outer harmony that the Sri Chinmoy Centre, Ghana works for are but a natural extension of this reality. In seeking inner peace one seeks to uncover his/her true nature, and to build global harmony and friendship though the fostering of inner peace. The Sri Chinmoy Centre aims to show that, far from the traditional 'yogi in a cave' stereotype often associated with meditative paths, inner contemplation and outer action can and indeed must go together. As Sri Chinmoy eloquently puts it:

"We try to synthesize and harmonise the outer life and the inner life. The outer life is like a beautiful flower and the inner life is its fragrance. If there is no fragrance, then we cannot appreciate the flower. Again, if there is no flower, how can there be any fragrance? So the inner life and the outer life must go together."

We hope that we have given you a sample of Sri Chinmoy’s teaching. Much more can be obtained from the supplied web addresses and accompanying links. Please feel free to access same. For free meditation classes in Accra, Ghana,  contact the Sri Chinmoy Centre, by calling 0546353640.

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