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Sri Chinmoy

About us

The Ghanaian Sri Chinmoy Centre is based in Accra and Kumasi and holds free meditation classes for the general public. For info please call: 0546353640

We are located in

  • Accra: Nyamekie, Darkuman Main Road Mambo Spot Corner on Google maps
  • Kumasi: Ashtown, Close to the Kingdom Hall of the Jehovah Witnesses
Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy

A spiritual teacher, poet, musician artist and athlete, Sri Chinmoy spent his life promoting the oneness of humanity, and encouraging his fellow men and women to fulfil their highest potential.  


Meditation is a way to still the mind, enter into a deeper, higher part of our being, and feel a closer connection with God. At Sri Chinmoy's request, we offer meditation classes free of charge to the general public.